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ABOUT CMNIx bridge

The Korean company CMnix focuses its business on the production and distribution of films. It encourages the diversity of films and the exchange of cultures through movies.

Story of the company:

CMnix had been producing films since 2007 and it started concentrating its activity in the production and distribution of lowest budget films since 2012. In 2016, CMnix had a distribution agreement with one of the leading Indian film production company, Yash Raj Film Pvt. Ltd.. CMnix distributed in South Korea some of their famous movies, such as Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Sultan, and Fan.

Two agreements were also made in 2017 with production and distribution companies from Mongolia, Digital Contents Ltd., and from Argentina, Vista Sur Films.

In September 2017, the movie Midnight in Seoul produced by CMnix appeared in the Spanish film festival Ciclo de Cine de Corea in Barcelona.

In 2020. We distribute 7 films per months

We are also the company that runs the Seoul Film Academy, the representative academy of Korea. Seoul Film Academy is an educational institution that trains promising directors and actors.


How is divided the company:

The Korean Entertainment Film Center (KEFC) is a division of CMnix which organises, produces and invests in professional Korean films. It is in charge of the film distribution all over the world.

Philosophy of the company:

CMnix does its best to create contracts with foreign companies from the whole world. The company has the project to extend its business at the international scale in order to import films from abroad as well as to export the Korean films distributed by CMnix. Determined companies are very appreciated to contract together. If your company is interested in making any agreement in film business with us, please contact us via this link at our business email address.

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