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Flowers of mold

Flowers of Mold_Low.png






Running Time

Country of Or

Festival & Awards


SHIM Hye-jung


Released(November, 2023) 

Drama, Romance, Thriller

KIM Jae-Kyung, HYUN Woo, KIM Ryul-ha


South Korea

2022 Jeonju International Film Festival. KOREA 
(Award – CGV Award , Watcha's Pick Award )

2022 Jeju Women’s Film Festival. KOREA 

2022 Gwangju independent Festival. KOREA



Having been betrayed by love, Jisu believes that people’s garbage reveals the truth about them. One day,
she comes across garbage that’s been neatly sorted and discarded.

It belongs to her next-door neighbor, Woojae.
She grows curious about him, and uses the information from his trash to approach him successfully. As they get to know each other, Woojae’s warm, friendly personality, and unexpected wound of the past make Jisu open up little by little. 

Then a chance meeting with his ex-girlfriend, Sera, hurts Jisu’s feelings. Unable to trust Woojae, Jisu treats him with cold indifference. Woojae becomes troubled by Jisu’s cold treatment. One night, he sees Jisu enter the apartment building with a trash bag in her hand, and follows her. 

Their scuffle outside Jisu’s front door causes the trash bag to burst open. Woojae’s trash spills out, exposing Jisu’s secret. After that day, Jisu’s apartment remains in darkness. Filled with mixed emotions, Woojae wonders where she is.



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